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Level up with these tips for staying on top of your Game Heroes marathon, maximising the fun for you and your crew, and keeping those funds rolling in to help people living with cancer.

You can also take part in Game Heroes via Tiltify where we have lots fundraising milestones for you to reach!

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Easy 1-Ups

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Stock up on some AAA snacks

Fruit, veg, lean protein and nuts will stick with you for the long run.

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Get plenty of sleep the night before

You don’t want to quit a few hours in because you’re tired.

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Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water and go easy on the caffeine and energy drinks, to avoid a crash.

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Chat with your mates and supporters

It’ll keep the time whizzing past and help you stay sane! Take breaks.

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Take breaks

Stretch, walk around, rest your eyes, even grab a quick nap if you need one. If you get crazy tired, or dizzy, anxious or angry at any point, go AFK until you feel better.

Fundraising XP

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Streaming helps keep the excitement up for you and your sponsors.

Need help setting up? Here’s a useful guide.

Link your Twitch account to your Games Heroes page.

It means you can stream and collect donations at the same time, with no faff.

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Buff your stream

Attract followers

Post on social and use these badges to get attention and make sure everyone knows when your stream is happening.

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Be daring

Set incentives to help you hit donation milestones, or to encourage people to donate a certain amount. Eat a spoonful of hot sauce. Put ice cubes under your armpits. Game for an hour talking like Scooby Doo.  If it’s safe, and you’re up for it, anything goes.

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Keep chatting

Throughout your gaming marathon, keep posting, messaging and inspiring people to go to your page and donate. Use this info sheet to tell them about the difference Game Heroes makes and what donations mean to people living with cancer.

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More Inspo

For more inspo on getting people to support you, check out our top ten fundraising tips. Last but not least, don’t forget to thank everyone for watching and donating. GLHF!